Mary’s Question

There is a fine line between  a healthy sense  of my personal strengths and abilities and bragging…

That is the territory I am venturing into tonight,  so wish me luck. 😉


I saw her sitting by herself, waiting for her parents to say their good by’s.

I was in the same boat….waiting for my wife to say her good by’s to the seventy  aunts and uncles, cousins, spouses, siblings,  children, and children’s children…

We were at my wife’s family reunion this past weekend in Nebraska.

The older I get, the more I appreciate this group of people I have been grafted into.

The “good byes” can take quite a while,   so I  grabbed myself another cup of coffee and sat down on a couch.

Her name was Mary.

I told her she’d done an awesome job in the talent show the night before.

Takes a lot of guts to stand up in front of seventy people, you barely know and sing a solo.

Mary singing in the talent show - Copy

Mary singing  in the talent show.

“Thanks.” she said.  “What’s your talent?”

Took me totally off guard.

She looked at me with the most intense, matter of fact expression.

 “Did you perform  in the talent show?” 


“Why not?”

I mumbled something lame about being good in the audience.

Thirty six hours later, I am still mulling over her question.

What is my talent?

Although I have a musical bent, my first impulse is not to take the stage.

But I do have talents.

So do you.

Most of my talents don’t seem to lend themselves to being shared on the stage…at least not without a little more planning.

I am a wood worker.

If I took the time to prepare, maybe I could take some of my harvest table project pictures and put them on a power point.

I could talk about the process of acquiring reclaimed barn boards, the process of debugging it and the various styles of tables I’ve been asked to build.


I am a teacher.

I love to teach.

Friend of mine with a degree in teaching told me once she wished she had my ability to teach.

Quoting now….“I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to become a teacher….I wish I had what you have.”    (That comment totally took me off guard, but to this day, it still gives me the warm fuzzies..)

I am a local historian.

I love local history.

I am passionate about it.

I am a walking story book when it comes to local history.  Just got the rough draft of my next book back from my editors.

Maybe by the time the next reunion comes around, the book will be done and I could read an excerpt.????

I can sing.

Come to think about it, a couple of years ago, I surprised myself at a friend’s birthday party.

I got up on a dare and sang My Maria to Karaoke..and I nailed it…

So Mary….thank you for your question.

At the next Family reunion I will share a talent.

I promise.

I’ll probably start by talking about you.



16 thoughts on “Mary’s Question

  1. Loved this post, made me smile. I spent bulk of my Sunday hanging out with kids at kids b-day party, since I did not fit in nicely with adults, and hanging out with kids will definitely bring all your talents out. 🙂

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  2. I think there’s another talent you have that you didn’t mention, but I thought about it in regard to Mary. Parenting. Good parenting is a talent, too. It can be developed, for sure, but some parents helped to make it possible for Mary to sing her song.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you for the vote of confidence, I thought about what you said about Mary’s parents more this morning, and I concur 110% percent. They are a neat couple, and are also raising a little precious younger brother with blond curly hair. I tried to get his picture several times over the weekend @ the reunion. Couple of neat young people. Good to hear from you Linda! DM


  3. The first thing that jumped into my head is you make the most beautiful tables. And then I read that you make the most beautiful tables! Haha! You are also an exceptional story teller. You could totally tell a story!

    Liked by 1 person

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