An Open Letter To A Young Father To Be….

Saw a picture this morning

Four twenty “somethingish” first time pregnant young ladies standing in a row.

All due in the Fall.

All smiles.

One of them reminded me of my wife when she was carrying our first. (Daughter just turned 35 last week.

Wife and I are currently enjoying the most connected season in our 36 years of marriage, which is where these thoughts are flowing from….)

There is a part of me that would love to sit down with the husbands of those four precious young ladies and plant just a couple of thoughts into their young  testosterone filled brains.

Here is some of what I would tell them….

#1  You WILL encounter situations in your marriage, in your parenting and in your personal life that bring you to the place of brokenness and confusion in the years ahead.  Resist the temptation to just keep mucking along, and gradually loosing the sense of connection and intimacy you first had as a couple.

Reach out.

Ask for help.

There are people and resources out there that can help you, but the buck stops with you young man.  You may have to do a little digging to find someone in your area, if you need any help, feel free to drop me a comment.

#2 Save some emotional energy for your wife and child.  If you have to sacrifice all of it on the altar of your career, then  get a different job.  Taking care of young children at home (I’m  thinking of your wife @ this point)  has a tendency to turn your brain to mush.  If you don’t believe me, take a week off, tell her to go see her parents or best friend from high school while you take over…

Well, time to go to work.  DM



4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To A Young Father To Be….

  1. I think you are talking about “Work to live not live to work.”
    For years we lived to work and got us nowhere but ill and older.
    Now we work to live and we smile a lot, hold hands more, and sleep closer.
    Poorer in money we may be but we’re heavy in the other things that matter.

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