Practicing The Hook

Hook Me


      “Three  pirate boats  encircled Charlie’s  yacht  thinking he would be an  easy target.  What they didn’t count on was he’d served with the Marines in Viet Nam, and when he’d outfitted his boat,  he’d planned for this sort of thing….” 

Recent conversation around  our  B and B breakfast table  Hook #1


     ” A truck driver sexually harassed me this morning on my way here from Walmart,”  my eldest daughter  told me when I got home from work.  

     She continued: “As I was merging, he waved and I waved back thinking it might be someone I knew.    Then I realized I didn’t .    Addy was in the back seat sound asleep in her  car seat.  A couple of minutes later when I tried to pass him, he sped up- and I couldn’t get around.  I looked at my speedometer – I was going over 80 mph so I said, what the heck and got back in the right lane….then  he started to slow down.    This cat and mouse game went on for 15 minutes until I got to  our exit.  It really shook me up.  I didn’t get his license plate number but I do remember the name on his mudflaps….”

At this point I the papa, got on the internet.  I was determined to track down the driver of the semi.  ..

Excerpt of a conversation with my eldest daughter  two  summers ago.-  Hook #2


     I woke up on Wednesday  to the sound of a contented giggle coming from under the covers.  I looked over  to see my wife  of 36 years still asleep with a  smile.      “What’s so funny?”  I asked.

Early morning conversation this week in our home- hook #3


     “Junior- take a look at this,  how bad  is it ?”

     Dad had been working in the basement with an electric chainsaw when it had kicked back, catching him on the forehead.

There was blood on his stocking hat…..

This happened the Summer of 1997- hook #4



The  silver Pontiac cut in front of me at the crest of the hill.   Calvin, Bernie, Steve and I were headed to Central Park fishing.   I was south of Amber on the gravel  when our right front corners clipped.  I stayed on the road, but  the other vehicle landed in the ditch at an  angle, his two right wheels barely on the shoulder.    We ran to the car… in the back seat was an 83 yr old woman…..

This happened the summer I turned 16- hook #5


Today’s post is a compilation of actual events from my life, practicing the “hook”.   😉

it’s the idea of “hooking” your reader out of the gate.


5 thoughts on “Practicing The Hook

    • I did finish the story about my daughter’s sexual harassment w/ the trucker on my other blog, but the rest of them not yet. Just curious… Which one had the best hook for you and why? 🙂


  1. This is hard, because my imagination is running wild with most of them. I’m very tempted to say the trucker story simply because its creepy in a stalkerish way and one has to wonder if this behavior was common with this trucker, plus I want to know how dad may have gotten his revenge because I assume he was going to plot something 🙂 Also the fact that the mudflaps might be a clue is interesting because it gives you an actual place to start your search and whatever is written on them could allow you to go in different directions with the story and ending. I see twists the reader may not expect.
    I also want to know where that chainsaw incident is headed, and your intro is so simple that, while I wouldn’t expect dad to be badly hurt simply because he’s able to talk to Junior…who knows what you are going to reveal to this kid when the hat comes off. Maybe this is the making of a kid who wants to be a brain surgeon, and maybe he decides to try some pre-medical school surgery on pops 🙂

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