What           a               week!

Gonna take Anne Lamotte and Brenda Ueland’s advice and just start writing.   Get the tangled thoughts down on paper and worry about sorting them out later….or not. 😉

Wife has been gone all week and won’t be home for a couple of more days.

What can I say?

I feel a little guilty.

She is , helping out with the grand kids and I am enjoying peace and quiet, steak, morel mushrooms, and catching up on things around home.

Our second grandson was born with multiple disabilities (he’s 7 now) and was in for a 48 hour observation this past week.   Doctor  wired his head to a machine to monitor brain waves, while being confined to a 12 by 16 ft hospital room.

Wife wanted to go along to keep our daughter company.. First night in, they diagnosed him with.  “Atypical Absence Epilepsy”  (This is in addition to Angelman’s Syndrome and Klinefelters).

I am surrounded by death and disease.

Makes me appreciate  my life currently even more...

Sort of  like this song….

I feel like I’m a seal on a rock, hanging out with my fellow seals,  watching great white sharks picking off my peers.

seal on a rock

picture of little old me

Young man who worked for me from  2005-2007, was found dead  a month ago.  Not at liberty to tell you more.  What a shocker.

My neighbor, who is about my age,  was diagnosed with an aggressive type of blood cancer last month. Five year  life expectancy. (tops).

After they started chemo  he came down with a gall bladder attack. They were trying to hold off doing surgery, because he currently does not have an immune system to fight off infection.  I heard today, they are going to do surgery in the next couple of days anyway, as they still look for a bone marrow donor.


On my work front, my latest employee, decided to quit on me this past Tuesday, without any notice.  I stopped by his house to pick him up, and he would not come to the door, he shut off his cell phone and well, that left me with a lot of work,  and no employees currently 🙂

I am not whining, just not sure what to do next to find good help.

I am currently on a Jules Verne kick.  I’d read Journey To The Center Of The Earth, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea back when I was in Junior High, but it’s been so long I forgot most of it.  I picked up a used hardcover with 7 of his stories on Amazon last month.  Discovered the guy was a prolific author…. Did you know he wrote over 50 different books?

What I am liking about Jules Verne is, the stories are a complete escape.  I don’t watch TV, rarely watch something on-line, so after a big day on the construction site,  10 minutes with Captain Nemo and I’m ready to hit the sack.

Work the past month has been more physical than normal.  Lots of climbing.  We just finished our 4th roof a week ago, and this week  spent three days ripping siding off an old farm-house.  Two of the perks when I’m doing this kind of work are, #1  I sleep like a baby, and #2 I lose weight without even trying.

Apologize for the randomness of this one.

It is a pretty accurate snap shot of my brain this week.  DM


18 thoughts on “Brainscan

      • It started with front office. I cannot talk to the remaining staff about what the front office people did. Privacy according to HR. Now I am down two nurses. The corporation I work for makes it very very difficult to hire good people, especially in the smaller offices like mine. This too shall pass at some point. It is just very painful and stressful.

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        • is this in the same setting as the sucker stealing professional thief you wrote about a while back who was confronted by someone and told they’d handled it incorrectly? (or am I confusing that story w/ another blog I read?) You deserve to be surrounded by first class office support staff. That IS one of the blessings I enjoy, in that I do have a very large say in who works for me…I’d rather hire someone w/o any previous experience, as long as they have a good attitude. carpentry skills I can teach in short order. 🙂

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          • That is the one. The kicker, though, was the staff refusing to schedule patients. I have two other physicians who have struggled to fill their schedules for almost two years and after those three people at the front left my office, the schedules exploded within one week. Super busy all of the time now. There is more to the story in another blog post but after giving them final warnings (firing them would have left me open to having unemployment filed against me x3) they each quit within two weeks of each other. I have been trying to hire adequate staff since January but we are required to use a corporate approved recruiter that is unmotivated and uses some crazy algorithm to weed people out that I cannot understand. It takes people three weeks after we offer them the job to make it through the preemployment stuff on their end. The last two we have tried to hire were nixed the day before they were supposed to start. I am back to the drawing board yet again. (Finding a cool bit of wall to place my forehead against before my blood pressure causes me to stroke out…)

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            • I don’t want to cause you any MORE stress by asking all these questions…;-) I just find it maddening that there can be so many nincompoops in the labor force. it’s not like you have to be a rocket-scientist to run an office. Certainly not as difficult as going to medical school and jumping through all those hoops. Heck, I think I could run an office and schedule your patients. Quick story. I had the greatest encounter w/ an office manager @ the same clinic as the urologist I’ve talked to you about. She asked good questions, was very accommodating when I needed to change some paperwork. etc. etc. It is always refreshing to run into someone who does their job well, and does it with a good attitude. g-nite 🙂 DM

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  1. I’m sorry for the losses in your life. Having a child and grandchild with multiple disabilities has to top the list, unless it’s the death of a child…but then the deaths and diseases of people close. Hard stuff. And then the loss of an employee…and a refusal to provide closure, that’s also hard.
    Ben doesn’t typically hire people (over 20 years he had more than 900 employees to process in his orchard), but now he wants to take on bigger jobs and needs help. But alas, the stubborn man is building a 350-square foot deck five feet off the ground, with railing (15 posts) and pergola, by code, by himself!! Guess how long that is taking. Customer is happy, though, and that’s what matters. Wife at home knawing at her knuckles, however.
    Love that scene from The Bucket List.
    Nice post…love the brain scan.

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    • Surprisingly I am not too upset w/ the co-worker moving on. He was starting to wear me out w/ his hit and miss behavior. Ben has seen it all if he’s had to work with over 900 people. Bet he’d be happy with just one more set of hands that he can trust and work with;-) thanks for stopping by Martha! DM (ps, I will fix your type-o)


  2. And it definetly appears your brain is going a million miles a minute this week. A lot to think about and deal with. At least, you have some quiet time at home to process though. We have so much trouble with workers too. It’s so hard to find good ones and then they just quit with no notice. Don’t show up, don’t answer calls. The kicker though is when we get the notice in the mail later that they’ve filed for unemployment on us and said they were fired! When we try to deny it and say they quit, we’re told they been granted it anyways because there is no proof, just our word against theirs. SO frustrating. On another note, I’m on an Anne Lamott kick right now, so funny you mention her. Just finished Grace (Eventually) and just starting her new one, Small Victories. Hang in there!

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  3. Dang indeed. What can we say when we see death and suffering around us while we’re healthy and safe? It’s things like that that have caused me to stop using the word “blessed” the way I used to.

    I’m happy for the peace in your life, for fresh morel mushrooms, good books and a good night’s sleep.

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  4. That is a whole lot going on at once. Hang in there man.
    I love the idea of reading stuff like Jules Verne for a respite, but I’m so tired at the end of the day I fall asleep instantly when I open a book. But then I keep trying to read farm stuff. Maybe I should check out some Jules Verne from the library…

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    • Yep, I know that tired @ the end of the day feeling as well, sometimes I only crack the book for a couple of minutes, but as I told my wife this morning, it is way better than trying to find something decent to watch on line (we don’t use the TV anymore, if we want to watch something, it’s on AMAZON prime etc. There is just nothing much good to watch as a change of pace. I am a reader, so it is fun to rediscover an author w/ lots of books I might be able to enjoy and escape with.It’s all about balance.

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  5. I always, Always feel guilty complaining about my life knowing there is so much suffering in this world. But you are right, the tragedies around us are a reminder to appreciate the goodness in our own lives.

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