The Birds And The Bees


Went outside  to check on the apple trees this morning  to see if the hard frost we got earlier this week had done any damage…..

apple trees starting to bloom 2015 (9)


apple trees starting to bloom 2015 (8)

Apple tree in bloom 2015

What do you think?

All we need now is for the wild bees to show up and do their thing….



#1 son and his wife stopped by to visit yesterday.   He was telling us about a time before they were married when he and a bunch of his buddies were driving around.  At some point, he really needed to find a bathroom, they were driving by a construction site and he spotted one of those port-o-potties.

He told the driver to pull over.... now!

He stepped inside of this gross little outhouse… said the walls were covered with those box elder bugs…hundreds of them, all quiet, and sleeping.

He said, he didn’t have a choice, he had to go.

(side note-  he hates spiders and bugs)  Keep that in mind.

All he could think about was getting out of there as quick as he could, hoping the bugs would not wake up.

At this point, one of his buddies throws a rock at the outhouse and all of the bugs come alive 🙂

I’m still chuckling as I think about it….

The reason #1 son and wife stopped was to tell us their latest news…

They had an ultrasound earlier this week so they just found the sex of the baby.  They stopped yesterday afternoon to let us know:

birth announcement

That means I’m  going to be a grandpa, again.

I prefer to think of myself as a 28 yr old with 29 years of experience.

That’s some of what’s happening in our little corner of the globe this morning…how about you? DM


13 thoughts on “The Birds And The Bees

    • Hope, for the longest time i felt like I was 26 yrs old with so many years of experience.Ever so slowly I am getting just a wee older…but then again, my mom is my role model..she is like a 16 yr old trapped in an old person’s body..(she turned 81 this year according to the calendar)

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  1. Congrats on the happy news! How many grandbabies do you have now?
    That porta-potty story gave me the creepy crawlies. I avoid those things like the plague unless there is a dire emergency – but now even an emergency won’t get me to step foot in one EVER again!

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