The Coyote’s Last night

The coyote’s were close last night.  Just after dark, I could hear several of them hunting in a pack, just to the South of our home.

I can still remember the first time we heard coyote’s  after we moved to the country.  Wife and I both thought something terrible was happening to a girl on our neighbor’s farm.  Never in my life had I heard such a haunting, varied, disturbing  sound.


coyote howling

Have you ever heard the howl of a coyote?



9 thoughts on “The Coyote’s Last night

  1. I have heard them. The first time was in New Mexico. I was traveling from Texas to California, and, as I usually do, I was poking around. I got out into some pretty deserted territory — I remember it being outside Elko, Nevada, although it certainly was Nevada — and was overlooking Black Rock canyon just after sunset when they piped up. Oh, my.

    I’ll hear them here in Texas from time to time, especially out in the hill country. On the other hand, there was a pck running the country east of me, out on the coastal flats, for a couple of years, and you could hear them there, too. I saw one trotting down my parking lot one night. Not along after all the feral cats disappeared, so did the coyotes.

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  2. I have heard the coyotes as well. Heard them when we were living in Tempe, AZ. Very eerie sound in the middle of the night. They used to somehow end up in the alley behind our house, the one that runs through the big cinder block walls that surround all the houses in that area. I think it is a disturbing sound because it makes you feel like you really might still be part of the food chain.
    Ever heard a fox in the middle of the night? Sounds like a screaming woman. Used to hear them up in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs, along with the bears and the mountain lions. Talk about really feeling like part of the food chain.

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  3. that is a great way to put it…(feeling that we still may be part of the food chain) It does happen btw…not that often, but I remember reading last Summer (I think) about a young woman that was on her own on a hiking trail in Canada (I think) who was killed by a pack of coyote’s ..yep, here’s a link to that story: Thanks for stopping by the blog. I love what you said on your about page about working so you can buy plants 🙂 DM


  4. They were out in force here last night, howling and yipping. I get no pleasure from hearing them, because we have kids on the farm and I worry about them. But so far we’ve had no problems.

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