When we just need to get away….

I could see several things in her eyes…



tinge of anger….

She said she just wished she could escape….


Tired of dealing with people.

It was late yesterday afternoon.

I stopped by unannounced to talk about  hiring one of her boys.

She asked me to come in.

Apologized for how she looked.   Said she just finished cleaning the cat’s litter box and didn’t like to wear good clothes doing that nasty job.

We talked briefly about my work situation, how I’d come to hear that one of her sons might be looking for work. Then the conversation just sort of meandered to talking about the needed repairs on her house, cuts in government funding that were directly affecting her work situation,  the pushy contractor who’d stopped last year to get her to hire him to shingle her house with his crew of Mexicans.  What bothered her was the way he talked about the crew…

When I got back to the car, where my wife was patiently waiting, I told her the stop had been a success.  Mother was going to give her son my phone #, let him know I’d stopped.

We will see.


I woke up this morning still thinking about the weariness I saw in her eyes.

That sense of wanting to just get out of town…to flee/ to escape to a quiet place…I’ve been there myself. More so during those years when the kids were little.   Trying to balance job pressures, marriage pressures, money pressures/ sick kids…Some of you know what I’m talking about..

I’m sure she didn’t realize it but she was quoting scripture almost verbatim:

    ” ….I said, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. “Behold, I would wander far away, I would lodge in the wilderness.”  Psalm 55:6,7

Words  written 3000 years ago by man  under intense pressure.

After we left her house, we stopped one of our state parks.

We saw just one van, other than that, we had the park completely to ourselves.  Some large bird, either an owl or a hawk, flew in low/ through the trees as we drove in.  We  walked through an empty camp ground down to the lake.  The ice was starting to melt.  A pair of Canadian geese weren’t sure what do think of us.  After doing a lot of honking they eventually took off.   They circled around  to the North and landed a couple of hundred yards away.  I’d never seen geese land on ice before 🙂

We walked across an old iron free span bridge built in 1878.  I looked at the 3/4 inch thick metal plating the bridge was built out of.   Moss covered  metal.  I wondered out loud if the nuts that held the struts together had ever been turned since 1878…

That’s how my mind works sometimes…


As I sit here this morning thinking about running to the locker,   I am surrounded by quietness.

It is not going to be that way much longer.   The frost is almost out of the ground..  I have a butt load of work ahead of me this year.  8 house roofs, some concrete flat work, a large addition,  and I just found out last week, my brother-in-law is still wanting me to help him build a new house.  I told him it would be late Fall before I was available.

The challenge will be to not let the details and pressures of the jobs, choke out the peace and quiet that I have  intentionally structured into my life.

 It’s not always simple but it is possible.

How do you like to unwind?





5 thoughts on “When we just need to get away….

  1. You have had such a wonderful winter this year my friend. I’m not sure if I’ve achieved that level of solitude yet. But I do find my bike rides in the early hours of the morning, before the sun, before the onslaught of traffic, both motor and pedestrian, to bring me a measure of peace.

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  2. this was the first year I intentionally set aside a 3 month block of time to write, and build tables. the thing is, every year it tends to get really slow the months of January and February..every year…and if there is work, 90% of it is outside and brutal. So rather than continue that crazy pattern I thought I would try this new approach to work..have to say, I have really enjoyed it (in spite of the grumpy old German who sometimes harasses me) Your morning bike rides also sound quite nurturing DM

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  3. Unwinding used to be very difficult for me. The things that seemed to work best were wine and long vacations. The latter only occurred once a year (if at all) and the moderation required by the former often made in less effective than I had hoped.

    Lately I’ve been trying hard not to get wound up, thus eliminating the need to unwind. When it does happen, I try to take a long quiet walk.

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  4. Well, every commenter here mentions biking, riding, or walking…and keeping going. 100% validation of what I’ve been telling myself for 2 lazy, cold months…That most of my (perceived) problems would vaporize or at least shrink to nearly nothing….if I only went back to taking my 2- and 3- hour walks or my 1- and 2-hour bike rides in the quiet mornings. I say “it’s hard to find the time,” but what I know from past experience is that taking the time puts SO much in perspective that I end up not missing the time….it’s OK to be a little behind on paperwork and housework if your head is clear and the world looks beautiful and you feel grateful for the people and things in your life. All of which happens when I get out there and JUST KEEP GOING.

    Thanks to you, DM, and all the previous commenters, for putting a little more pep in my step and a little more resolve in my head!

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