Musing on the brevity of life in word and picture

birthday breakfast with dad 2009

Out for breakfast with dad

I  (DM) celebrated another birthday recently.

I have never felt more comfortable in my skin than I do now.

Recently my mom wound up in the hospital with multiple health concerns.  There was a very real sense we might be loosing her.

I can still feel the chill in the air, even though she is on the mend.

Friday, we stopped to see our friend Helen in the nursing home. (I mentioned her in passing in the last blog post)   I noticed a marked decline in her physical health.

So between my mom, Helen, and my birthday, it feels like the pace of life has picked up a notch.

Then to top it off,  I came across the photo series of the Brown sisters.  Starting in 1975, right up to the present. One of the brother’s in law (Nicholas Nixon) who happens to also be a photographer,  created this beautiful series of pictures ..

They are my peers.

To see them age, literally before my eyes in that series of pictures was so powerful…


the brown sister 1975

The Brown sisters 1975


If you want to read the background and  see the whole series   here’s a link.   (I’d recommend it)


In 2009 I  read  an article titled, The top 5 regrets of people who are dying.  It was full of good stuff.

( By the way, I am NOT trying to make this post a downer… 🙂

It’s just that I have always been intrigued by the brevity of life. I want to make sure I am living my life to the absolute fullest and pass along  what I’m observing to anyone who cares to listen.

Last thing I want to do is to wake up in my 80’s or 90’s and have regrets.

Why wait till the end of the race to discover I was running off course the whole time?

Here’s a link to that article about the top 5 regrets.

Quick question…Is it possible to take the sting out of a past regret? If so, what has that looked like to you?




4 thoughts on “Musing on the brevity of life in word and picture

  1. Well, here I am at 68, and not a single one of those five regrets listed is one that I have. Twenty years ago, that might not have been so, but with age comes wisdom, etc. etc. 🙂

    I really enjoyed the photos of the sisters, too. That’s quite an interesting project — and how wonderful that they haven’t lost one of their number over the years.


  2. I have some regrets. I try not to dwell on them, but they’re not going anywhere. They tap me on the shoulder sometimes and whisper in my ear, “Hey Bill, remember us?”

    Sometimes I learn from mistakes, hopefully thereby reducing the number of potential regrets I shall drag long henceforth. Other times I seem to find myself making the same mistake again, like a dog returning to his etc.

    I do find that with maturity I create fewer regrets. That may be wisdom, experience, or maybe I’m just becoming less sensitive to them.

    The only way I know to take sting out of a regret is to treat it as a lesson learned and a growing experience. Of course that sounds better than it feels.

    Great post DM.


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