Musing after my prostate biopsy

As we pulled out of the driveway  headed to the  Urologist’s office, a song was on my lips:“I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz….

because because because because..

because of all the wonderful things he does…” 

I looked at my  wife and we laughed . ..especially when we got to that  line about the “wonderful things he does.”

(We were both thinking about the “wonderful thing” the Doctor was going to be doing to me in little over an hour 😦 )

My PSA count has been hovering slightly above normal now for a couple of years, and at my last appointment in June , it  jumped 2 points.

Dr looked @ me and suggested we needed to consider taking a biopsy  to rule out cancer.   I told him  the higher # was  just a lab error! 🙂

He liked my attitude, but said  I needed to retake the blood work , just in case.

The next day I had  the blood work done again and when the results came back,  it had  climbed 2 more points.

When Pam the Dr.’s nurse  called with the new numbers, I  agreed I  would schedule the biopsy…..


The procedure is on an outpatient basis, no anesthetic.   Nurse and  Dr both said it would feel like “someone  snapping me on the rear with a rubber band.”  (keep that in mind)

That didn’t sound too bad going in….

Now that I’ve experienced it personally, I would  like to give you a different word picture….

It felt like the Wicked Witch  had taken  her broom handle, inserted  it  where it didn’t  belong and snapped it off!

I could still feel the slivers 8 hours later.


After today’s procedure, I’m more  committed than ever to growing  old gracefully…..

We have a friend Helen, she’ in her early 90’s…

She is my role model.

She has the sweetest spirit.

Every time we see her, I come away encouraged.

She still has her mind, though her body is shot.

She’s been through enough  physical pain and heartache for 3 people.

(Within a year’s time she buried her husband, a sister, and a grandson who chose to end his own life.)

I asked her after the death of her grandson, how in the world she did it???

What was the secret of her resilient spirit?

It’s not that I don’t grieve, she told me, because she did.

She said, she’d learned that you have to let things go.

Sometimes, things will happen that  won’t make any sense, but you have to keep living.

She’d been through a lot and spoke with authority.

Writing this tonight, makes me want to stop and see her again. being around people like that gives me hope.

Well, time to hit the sack.  I’m supposed to lay low for a couple of days.

I’ll try.
2-19-2015 update.
I wrote this a couple of years ago. Some of you may remember reading it on my other blog.  As of today while my numbers continue to be elevated, there is no sign of cancer for which I am thankful. Also,  I didn’t  experience the same level of discomfort the day after, that I did the first time around, which was awesome.  DM

4 thoughts on “Musing after my prostate biopsy

  1. Oh boy. I thought this was new news. I’m glad it’s old news. I’m glad you made it through that biopsy. I like you. I’m very thankful for your friendship and also your lovely wife. 🙂
    And it was so cool to finally meet you in person last year!!! DM

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