The Price of food may be going up

Today is a two post day. ūüôā


Maybe you have already noticed…

Maybe this will be old news by the time you read it….

And maybe in your neck of the woods it won’t happen,

but according to our local grocery store manager (who shared this info with our neighbor’s niece who works at that grocery store….)

The prices of food will be going up in the not too distant future….

Not trying to stir¬† up any fear, rather, give you a little heads up so you’ll have a chance to prepare.


My wife is a frugal shopper.  Her favorite place to shop for groceries is a local Amish discount food store.

Items are pennies on the dollar in many cases.

Not outdated,

Plus they sell in bulk.


Quick question-  Have you heard any rumblings of this where you live?

Take care. DM


Ode to the blue collar man (ie. my father)

Ode: An¬†ode¬†is a kind of¬†poem, usually praising something. … An¬†ode¬†is a form of lyric¬†poetry¬†‚ÄĒ expressing emotion ‚ÄĒ and it’s usually addressed to someone or something, or it represents the¬†poet’s musings on that person or thing.

(Long time readers may remember a version of this post from 2016.¬† It showed up on my “blog stats” this morning and I thought it was worth reposting. DM)


My dad graduated high school in the early  50’s.

A local attorney¬† (Remley) who at one point owned the farm my dad¬† lived on,¬† offered to pick up the tab on his college tuition “because¬† he had a knack for math.” My grandparents were not rich.¬† They’d raised a family through the great depression, then after WW 2,¬† shipped, case after case of canned food and clothing to grandma’s relatives¬† back in the old country (German).. .so grandpa and grandma never really got ahead financially. Dad opted not to go to college, instead went into the service, then went to work at a packing house. After that, he started¬†¬†driving a cement truck for a local cement company. ¬†¬†At some point, he was asked to come into the office and help behind the counter in the lumber yard portion of the business, eventually rising through the ranks to manage both the lumberyard and the concrete plant.

(Remember what I told you about math.) ūüôā

In the early 1970’s dad went into business with his brother as a general contractors. They built up a multi-million dollar construction company, employed one  hundred eighty men over the course of a 30 year span, one of which was me.

This is an ode to the  blue collar man that shaped my life..


Ode To The Blue Collar Man





of a


The heart of

a musician,

the mind of

an engineer.

But somehow..

between raising a family,

paying the bills and farming the land,

his steel guitar  got misplaced in the mix.

Life is a pendulum.Sometimes we learn

by example, and sometimes we choose

a different path.

Keeping the peace

One of my main goals when I started blogging was to keep it real… I have no interest in projecting a sanitized version of myself to the world.

I’m more of a velveteen rabbit/ skin horse sort of person.

Love it when I meet someone who is keeping it real…so on that note, I came across this picture this morning:

I’m posting it as a reminder to myself.

Virtual hugs and clink of my coffee cup with each of  you. DM


Checking In

How are you doing this morning?

What’s it like locally where you live?

I was telling my wife this morning over coffee, one of the harder things to deal with (for me) is getting accurate information,¬† trying to sort the crazy rumors out from what’s really true so we can make good decisions.

I stumbled across a fresh source of news on Thursday I have good feelings about.¬† It’s called the Epoch Times.¬† They are currently running a special.¬† First month is only a $1.00, then after that, it’s $70 something for 6 months.¬† What impressed me, well one of the things that really impressed me was their coverage on the Covid-19 (the coronavirus).¬† They have an ongoing data base that is updated every couple of minutes with statistics on number of confirmed cases, number of deaths, broken down, by country, and state.¬† ¬†Crunching the numbers myself, I saw that in Italy for example the rate of death was over 8%…which is crazy.¬† When it comes to accurate information from China, I absolutely do not trust the information, from them or the mainstream media in our country.

Got this off their website:

¬† ¬† “The Epoch Times was founded in the United States in the year 2000 in response to communist repression and censorship in China. Our founders, Chinese-Americans who themselves had fled communism, sought to create an independent media to bring the world uncensored and truthful information. We are free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party‚ÄĒthis is what makes us different from other media organizations. Our goal is to bring our readers accurate information so they can form their own opinions about the most significant topics of our time.”

I’ll let you know in a month, whether or not we chose to subscribe.¬† It’s a little steep, but knowledge is power as the saying goes.


On a local front here, I have a full morning.¬† Dropping off a couple of dozen farm fresh eggs to one of our regulars,¬† then stopping by my mom and dad’s for a cup of coffee.¬† ¬†Their in their 80’s so they are laying low.¬† ¬†At 10 I am picking up our 6 year old grandson.¬† He get’s to hang out with grandpa today (me), going to show him how to start tomato plants from seeds.¬† ¬†Then as they mature, send several of the plants home with him for him to plant and take care of and eventually show him how to save tomato seeds for next season.

After our seed starting workshop, we are going to pick up beer cans.

Home Schooling PE class at it’s finest. ūüôā

Get some exercise, clean up the environment, hang out with grandpa and make money at the same time,


Here’s a link to the Epoch Times, in case you are curious:

And finally, I’ll leave you with this…I shared it last year:

Take care. DM

Growing up on a farm

Write about what you know they say…..

Growing up on a farm shaped me in ways¬† I didn’t realize at the time.

Seeds were¬† planted that didn’t germinate until years later.

Like when you have to borrow your neighbors tractor make sure you top off the gas tank before you take it back.  And if by chance, something breaks, you  get it fixed. Take it back better than when you got it.

Everybody thinks that way, right?

Found out a few years ago, that is not always true.

We invited a young person stay with us for three months, a musician who was trying to get their bearings.¬† We didn’t have a spare vehicle, so I put the word out¬† amongst my people to see if anyone would have a spare loaner car?¬† ¬† Well, a few months turned into almost a year, and when it came time to return the car, our guest was incredulous that I insisted we needed to take it to the shop to get some things fixed that had started to act up.

What was I thinking?¬† ¬†Our guest didn’t have any extra money, plus that was a risk my friends had taken when they originally loaned the vehicle out.

Absolutely no way my guest was responsible for any repairs on that car!!!

No way.

Wasn’t going to happen.

They looked at me like I was nuts.


I moved to the farm when I was  9.

Left the summer I graduated high school and didn’t looked back….until 19 years later…

At that point, we were in middle of raising a family of our own,  things were not going to well.  We decided we needed  to find  a place  in the country, even if we had to rent, to regain control of our lives.

It worked.


I’ve spent several weeks again¬† this winter, working on our family history.¬† I’ve got most of the important names and dates established, going back 4 generations¬† and in some cases, multiple generations more. My next goal is to flesh it out with stories.¬† That’s¬† probably where some of the stirrings for this post came from.

Several of my ancestors were farmers.

Unless you grow up on a farm, you probably never gave much thought to what it is like to milk a fresh heifer (fresh heifer = young female cow who has just had her first calf) by hand? Especially when it’s fifteen times your weight,¬† has no interest in getting milked, because it has a case of mastitis.

Can you say RODEO?


Ever had an old rooster come after you?¬† Not sure about other animals but a mean rooster can sense¬† if you’re afraid.¬† Chickens really do have a pecking order and the rooster is usually @ the top of the flock.¬† ¬†Depending on the bird, they may either try to fly up into your face and peck you, or grab you by the leg and rip you with his spurs.

I tell them to bring it on.

Roosters are like bullies.¬† You just have to let them know who is in charge.¬† It’s all about boundaries.


Dad and I with three of his roosters.

All three of them came after me that day.


Well, I feel a nap coming on.

Definitely did not learn the art of napping growing up on the farm…just the opposite.

‚ÄúBetter is one hand with quietness, than two fists full, with¬† stress¬† and the chasing after the wind. ‚Ä̬† 3000 yr old proverb.


I have a couple of stories about  buffalo I want to write about next.  We raised them until the bull got loose.

Later!  DM

Brother and I back in the day holding a couple of farm cats

I was a little skeptical, but…

I just finished watching the following.

Call me skeptical.

I am a child of the 60’s.

I can still remember the sweet smell of DDT.  We used to chase after the mosquito spraying bug truck on our bikes as he went through our neighborhood.

That explains a lot ūüôā

DDT was 100% safe, until it wasn’t.

So was smoking

Agent Orange

Round Up


Come to find out the experts didn’t know squat…..

That’s all I’m going to say…

Give her 5 minutes, and if you’re not hooked, I’d be very surprised.

Better is….

“Better is one hand with quietness, than two fists full, with¬† stress¬† and the chasing after the wind. ”¬† ¬†3000 yr old proverb


We got home last night about 7:30.  Spent  850 miles in the car yesterday.

Boy is it good to be home.

Spent the last three weeks in the Denver Colorado area framing walls and hanging drywall for family. There was very limited access to the computer (not to mention, very little time) which was why I have been quiet.

One of the things I was acutely aware of the last three weeks was the contrast between the pace of my life (now) and the pace of life of those we were staying with.

Seeing those bumper to bumper car lights  of people  heading home from work on Hwy 470 one evening made me thankful that is no longer part of my routine.  We used to live in Northern New Jersey. I can still remember the work traffic that went past our place on the way to New York City.

Quick story.¬† In the early 1990’s I started a new job framing houses for JP construction.¬† I would say there were 15 to 20 of us on the crew.¬† JP’s brother-in-law Al was a part of that mix. Wasn’t too long before I realized Al loved to stir the pot.¬† He was always looking for ways to instigate drama and conflict.¬† I’d never in my life worked around someone like that.¬† One day he tried to embarrass me in front of several of the other guys for no other reason than our personalities didn’t play well together.¬† He asked me a trick question,¬† and rather than take the bait, I asked him why he wanted to know.¬† “Don’t answer my question with a question.”¬† ¬†I smiled and that was the end of it.

I thought¬† of Al this week when our host family turned on the “news” each night after we ate.¬† ¬†The¬† suckers were doing the very same thing as Al used to do..,..attempting to stir the pot between the rest of us.

I’m not taking the bait.


Another quick story.

We are related to someone who loves to send us links to various alarming current event issues.¬† He sent three this week.¬† ¬†In person, the guy is full of himself. 95% of the conversations are about him and his interests.¬† He talks down (and over me) when we’ve seen him.¬† I used to find him a little bit quirky but¬† endearing.¬† Not so much anymore.¬† ¬† So¬† when we get these pushy unsolicited links via the computer, it is a complete turn off.¬† If I felt there was even a little more humility and genuine interest¬† in little old me, that would go along ways.¬† As it is,¬† he scores zero in terms of influencing my life. Zero, absolute zero.


I was also struck by kindness of strangers.  From the guy that helped me at the Lowes  store in Brighton Colorado, to the check out girl in Kearney Nebraska.  Kindness is still  alive and well  across the Fruited Plains.

I have missed all of you the past three weeks.   Our interactions are apparently one of the ways I keep myself grounded.    I suppose I could quit blogging entirely,  put in longer days at work, and (maybe), have a few more dollars in my bank account.   30 years ago, that might have sounded like wisdom.

“Better is one hand with quietness that two fists full with stress and chasing after the wind.”

Well, time to get my duff away from the computer and plan the rest of my week.   Take care. DM